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Enhance Your Virility

A statistic study performed by an institute of sexology indicated that 34 percent of the men examined in their consultation center were having erection problems, and in the case of 14 percent the cause of this problem was purely physical.


Studies in the field have proved that the greatest enemy of men's erections is the fear of failure. The aforementioned phenomenon is present particularly in those men whose self-validation is closely related to sexuality.


They usually refuse to understand that they unconsciously cultivate their fear of failure, when they should find their peace instead. They should see their real possibilities as they truly are, and adjust their expectations to those possibilities.


Apparently, they pose as "experts" and thus they become more and more vulnerable and the terror of impotence becomes inhibiting in itself.


Consequently, the fear of failure becomes the greatest enemy of erection. The ambitious, not understanding the real nature of these things, complicate things.


Thus, instead of a rational and gradual approach of the issue, they strive to prove to themselves and their beloved that they are capable of even greater sexual performances.


Unfortunately, repeated failure leads to their failure as men. Remember, Casanova was one of the most potent men because he had never known this fear. An eternal optimist, he always said: "tomorrow I will surely be more fortunate than today".


Think of what is preventing you from being a Casanova, or even better, a Tantric Master? Of course, in order to be a Tantric master, one must also be a master of sexual continence .


Many men have had the experience of not being able to get an erection or losing their erection precisely in the hottest and most unexpected moments.


If this situation should occur several times, a man may imagine he suffers from a disorder, because this would justify the betrayal of their little "friend", so to speak.

These studies approximate that impotence due to mental reasons applies to 85 percent of the cases encountered, although men usually consider its nature to be physical


Here is a questionnaire that will help you form an idea about the factors that are influencing your sexual response.


1. Do you have the usual "morning erections"?


2. Can you get an erection masturbating?


3. Do you have erections while dreaming?


4. Do you get an erection because of fantasies, erotic literature, or erotic shows?


5. If ever you found yourself in the situation of having intimate contact to another woman but your wife did you do it?


6. Did you have erections under other circumstances?


If you answer "yes" to at least one of these questions and still you have great difficulties in getting an erection, then your problem is almost surely of a psychic nature.


Sometimes, even if all your answers to these questions are negative, you may realize in time that you are having erections in situations you did not notice before. In this case, it is a mental problem, not a physical one.

So don't worry! No matter how rebellious your penis might seem, he is not on his own! He is only a soldier standing in front of his commander: your own mind!

A Simple Exercise For Getting An Erection

It is very important that the erection is obtained and maintained at will. Most young men have an erection at the slightest thought about sex. For such young men, magazines like Playboy are an effective aphrodisiac.


However, once one gets older, this capacity of easily getting strong erections diminishes. Therefore, men should know how to act in order to get strong erections even at during old age.


The secret for strong erections as well as for the control of sexual energy is the training of the PC muscle.


The contraction and relaxation of the PC muscle brings an additional flow of blood to the pelvic area, thus awakening the sexual energy. The result is increased potency.


The following will introduce you to a highly efficient exercise for becoming aware of the process involved in getting an erection.


The most simple exercise should be performed early in the morning, immediately after a shower. Stand up and try to get an erection at will.


If you do not succeed, you may ask your partner to help you by delicately rubbing your lingam, or you could watch some exciting images.


If the erection is strong enough to sustain the weight of a towel hanging on it, then the man will gain confidence and experience.


He will learn how to relax the PC muscles, and then get a new erection again. During the first stages of your practice, you may bathe your lingam in cold water in order to achieve this relaxation more easily.


Each new erection must be strong enough to hold a towel. A complete cycle of this exercise is made up of four consecutive erections.


For some men, the first attempts are quite successful, but it becomes more difficult in time. When you encounter obstacles in this practice, remember that this simple exercise will help you prolong your sexual life, because the PC muscle will be greatly toned due to this exercise.



Practical Method For Obtaining Strong Erection

Place the left index on the head of your penis, and the forefinger from the same hand at the base of the penis.


Inhale, keep the air inside your lungs, contract the PC muscles and rub the penis with your other hand. The thumb, index, and middle finger of the right hand must apply pressure so that the blood will swell the penis.


Continue to massage while holding your breath. Repeat nine times. This technique brings the blood to the penis and keeps it there. While holding your breath, count to nine and move your fingers to the head of your penis. Thus, the flow of blood will harden the penis.

Lovemaking - The Cure For Impotence

There are many effective cures for impotence caused by stress, physical exhaustion, or mental inhibitions.


Ginseng root, pollen, and other psychoactive substances may cure impotence in a short time, if used correctly and moderately. An ancient method for such problems is henna cataplasm applied on the area of the genitalia, head, hands or feet.


However, more than anything, impotence is rapidly cured by changing your incorrect mental attitude and way of life.


The way of lovemaking is the universal cure for impotence as well as for other sexual problems because it is focused on the sexual practices which imply an exchange, a transfer of energy between the two partners and on the active circulation of the energies due to the transmutation


lovemaking doesn't include the idea of animalistic satisfaction of the senses (man's ejaculatory orgasm, and the woman's explosive orgasm, which are both followed by a tremendous loss of their sexual energy).


Instead, this approach on lovemaking gives you the possibility to realize the importance of harmony and the ability to enrich your ecstatic experiences. 

Regain Your Sexual Potency

One of the problems men have to face these days is impotence, especially in the West, where this problem is growing larger every day.

For instance, in England, around the ‘80s, statistics indicated that over a million men were suffering from impotence, without even being old enough to have to start to worry about such things.

However, this is only an example, because the truth is that all males living in highly industrialized areas are confronted with this problem.

We asked ourselves two questions, and we invite you to find the answers to them as well: what are the causes of this situation, and most importantly, how can it be overcome?

Studies in this area have indicated the causes of impotence in the following:

1. Unhealthy Diet

This is one of the most common and widely spread causes for lack of erotic strength. Over 75% of today’s food is chemically processed.

Healthy, natural food was replaced with meat, white flour, white refined sugar, refined oil, "natural" concentrated juices, and so on.

 However, things are a bit more complicated, because the meat industry has begun using feminine hormones to make their animals grow faster, due to market necessities.

These hormones are assimilated in the animals’ tissues and then they pass into ours through the food they produce.

Nutritionists consider that the ingestion of this meat leads to physiological transformations characteristic to the assimilation of feminine hormones.

This involuntary "hormone treatment" appears to be responsible for a great range of disorders, like obesity and effeminate manifestations in the case of men.

We have also discussed the terribly destructive effects of white refined sugar in previous articles so we won't go over it again. We will simply mention that diabetes leads to sexual dysfunctions in one case out of two.

Therefore a healthy diet is highly recommended, especially one based on raw, natural aliments with a high energy value, which stimulate the regeneration of the organism through the enzymes and vitamins they bring in.

They also re-establish the natural, normal function of the glands, enhance sexual potency and bring balance to all the processes related to sexuality.

It is also recommend that you consider your constitutional type when deciding to improve your diet, because an under-weight person should not have the same diet as an over-weight one.

You will note that a change for the better in your diet will determine a change for the better in your whole life, influencing not only your body, but your mental and psychic processes as well.

2. Stress

Stress is also considered to be a big problem in this case. In short, stress is like an alarm for our organism, caused by various aggressive, malefic and worrying factors.

Up to a certain level, stress may have a stimulating effect on a person, pushing one to make efforts to surpass one’s limits and improve one’s qualities.

However, if this limit is surpassed, stress becomes harmful, leading to damaging repercussions on the person’s physical, emotional and mental structures.

Analogically speaking, this situation resembles an apparatus receiving too many signals. It is as if someone were playing with our alarm button, causing chaos in our being.

Research in this field indicated that all types of stress cause great disorders in our endocrine and nervous systems. Psychic stress acts harmfully on the hypothalamus, which coordinates all the functions of the organism, including the sexual function.

Therefore, a malfunction of the hypothalamus may result in a disorder of the sexual glands, inhibiting or over-stimulating their activity. None of these results are desirable; over-stimulation often leads to the same result as the inhibition of sexual impulses.

This means that a hyper-excitable person with an uncontrolled libido, lacking the possibility of transforming this sexual energy into superior forms of energy will fell the urge to release this energy quite frequently.

And such a person will do so, either through making love without continence, or masturbating. If you cannot control your sexual energy then it is like you do not have it.

The aforementioned situation is one of the mechanisms through which psychic stress influences our sexuality

However, stress of a psychic nature has other implications as well, reflected mostly in  one's behavior.

Scientists actually speak of male "frigidity", manifested even in the case of men who are fertile and have normal erections, but who, due to various factors such as worries, and concerns are unable to experience erotic pleasure.

It is the state in which a man no longer feels erotic pleasure and fulfillment, he only feels obligated to respond to the woman’s need for intimacy and affection.

If this state persists, the man lose all erotic desire in time, and if this desire becomes absent, he will also lose sexual potency and strength.

Thus, the man will acutely and painfully perceive this absence of sexual desire later on in his life.

The problem of stress is quite complex and we approached only one aspect of it, in an attempt to emphasize the importance of this factor in a healthy sexual life.

Many contemporary doctors, psychologists, and sociologists seek solutions for this problem. We unanimously consider that stress should be reduced, but until now there weren't any answers to this issue.

So, let us look at this situation from a different angle as well: the factors that usually cause stress are not really the problem, but our attitude towards these factors is, the way we react to them is what is truly harmful

According to the knowledge passed on to us from oriental sages about the two fundamental principles of Yin and Yang broadens our perception this issue.

When one is greatly receptive to outer stimuli, one has an excess of Yin energy. If that person focuses on amplifying his or her Yang energy, then this receptiveness will disappear.

In fact this is the right solution for this crisis, because it is easier to transform one’s inner attitude than to attempt and change the whole world.

Ever wonder why people did not need to define the term "stress" until twenty or thirty years ago, even though in the past the direct threats to one’s life and well-being were more direct and more serious than today.

A hundred years ago the famine was a more palpable and serious problem than getting fired is these days. However, even the temporary loss of one’s job is a serious factor that causes a great amount of stress.

The reactions people have these days to issues that aren't very serious compared to the difficult times in the past are also quite exaggerated.

If a man increases his Yang energy (which is characteristic to him) he may develop a genuine and effective immunity against any kind of stress. A man who has inner strength cannot be disturbed by a minor threats on a social level, but on the contrary he will feel compelled and stimulated to solve it, to overcome it without feeling any despair, concern or anger.

We may have seen solid and loving couples in which the man is physically smaller than the woman.

Apparently these men have nothing special to distinguish them from the others, but they may manifest those masculine qualities we talked about, which give them the inner strength and resistance to exterior stimuli.

Whenever you notice that you have problems in your love life, when you notice that your attraction towards the woman you love so much has decreased or fundamentally changed its nature, you should know that the cause is not really in your work, or in your family-problems, or in your children or even in your friends.

Even if one or more of these areas are suffering, the real problem is you. The real problem that caused this reaction is not in the exterior, but in the interior: it is the excess of Yin energy, leading to great receptivity towards all things, especially the negative ones on which we seem to dwell so much.

You become receptive not only to the things you like, but also to those you deeply dislike. They are now free to disturb you.

Therefore, the solution to this inner problem is also of an inner nature: simply find methods to enhance your Yang energy and apply them correctly.

These methods begin with what you eat and end with specific techniques you need to practice. There are also herbs that will help you in this attempt to gain immunity against stress and continuity in your erotic and soul-related experiences.

Usually men are quite discreet about their privacy, and therefore statistics aren't always perfect. However, over 80 percent of men have had the tendency to begin working out and get the body they always dreamed of at some point in their lives.

But years go by, and the tendencies to be what they dreamed of are sabotaged by various reasons and the desire to seriously embark on a program and get that body fades away and finally disappears under the pressure of daily stress. The success in your undertaking, the absence of stress, inner pressure, nervousness, the re-discovery of your inner enthusiasm and pleasure in lovemaking are all possible if you apply the things you can find in our articles.

3. Sedentary Life

This is a disease generated by urbanism and industrialism. Its effects are: obesity, lack of muscular strength, lack of vitality, lack of sexual vigor, dependence on exterior stimuli, absence of will and vivacity.

Over fifty percent of Americans spend their spare time watching T.V. or playing video games. Undoubtedly, the T.V. is the most effective surrogate for existence that has ever been discovered.

If half of our active time during the day is spent at work, where the tendency is towards specialized and routine activities, and the other half eating, watching T.V., or in front of the computer, and perhaps some other activities that involve the same level of participation, then we may easily realize and predict how the men of the following century will look like.

A clear indication of the level of sedentarism in our contemporary society is the huge and monstrous number of devices, aliments, medicine, earrings, belts, shoes, pajamas, bracelets that "will help you loose weight without any effort".

If these "exotic" and often hilarious products had appeared fifty years ago, they would have caused an immense burst of laughter. However, today they no longer surprise or upset anybody.

Obesity is usually associated with sedentarism and lack of interest with which most people have to deal with. Therefore, most people struggle to lose the excess weight.

Although many men are convinced that their problem is the fact that they became over-weight, in fact their problems are a sedentary life and lack of interest in their own person, which reside on a subconscious level and diminish the man’s inner energy, his natural state of effervescence and characteristic creative male dynamism.

The low level of Yang energy will automatically lead to disastrous effects in the overall energy economy of the organism.

On this weakened energy base, man is no longer able to spread his wings and face life as he should, instead he will very often feel the need to rest, perceiving his existence on an aggressive level, and thus being forced to develop a defensive attitude against it.

Many people perceive the importance of leading an active life, of being dynamic and of gaining control over their own body and vitality but few people do it.

According to Tantric and also Taoist teachings, such men actually aspire to enhance their Yang energy, to gain complete control over their body, as well as over their subtle bodies, to do what their mind and soul aspire to.

It is not an accident that the martial arts have reached such peaks of popularity in the West. This occurred because these martial arts originate in the harmony that must be established between the Yin and Yang principles, and this is what Westerners lack.

It is unnecessary to continue listing the disadvantages of sedentarism. It is quite obvious for each man that his lover would love to see him sharp, fit, flexible and emanating erotic vigor at all times. So let us study the possibilities of solving this problem.

Whenever we want to overcome a state of inner inertia, of fatigue or idleness, we need to have something better to replace the old, unhealthy habit with.

Two questions arise: what will our new way of life look like? and what should we begin with?

In the case of regular people, the answer to these two questions depends to a great extent on their age, social status, and individual constitution.

In the beginning, we will only have a vague idea of how our life will be like after we take these important decisions. If we just choose a sports program, the hardship and problems that will be greater than what we imagined.

The temptations to give up, the so called "encouragements" of various friends, and most of all a disproportion between what we imagined the results would be and what they actually are, after a short interval of practice.

Studies indicate that only a small number of people trying this style have found it satisfactory. The classical exercises to cultivate the physical body are to a great extent quite mechanical and quite boring, despite our awareness that they are necessary.

Indeed, in order to fight this problem of sedentarism, we have to make up a program of dynamic exercises, but we also have to be aware that the roots of our problem is not in our physical body, but in our minds.

There is a certain habit that accustomed us to being idle, and to stagnate, and the fact that we decided to practice some sport does not necessarily change the mental attitude associated to it.

In the absence of inner enthusiasm and dynamism we will never grow truly strong as men and as human beings.

So here is the practical advice: there are some yogic techniques that are quite successful in fighting these inertial tendencies. They should be done with the adequate concentration, so the effects in fighting lack of willpower, in amplifying virility, in re-invigorating the organism are fully perceived and assimilated into your inner universe.

The great advantage of practicing these postures is that since they should be performed with adequate mental concentration they also serve to enhance it.

Furthermore, within a few months of perseverant practice you may develop other inner qualities such as will power, tenacity, mental focus and intuition.

These qualities are a great help in our daily life, and in all our actions. This fact makes our daily practice very beneficial for our life.

We won't say that this is will be easy. Easily obtained results don't usually last. This is why, on this more difficult path, the results will be significant and long lasting, not to mention, treasured and appreciated.

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