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Physiologically, the breasts are meant to help lactation, but this physiological function that occurs only on a limited interval is surpassed by the aesthetic function, which is a criteria for a lifetime.

Feeling that you really look great means also that your breasts look great, as they play an important part in expressing your feminity.

Treating your breasts with special attention is the same with defending your capital of beauty and health, required for a good morale.

As the fashion is always changing, presenting once small breasts and then big breasts, the beauty of the breasts does not truly lie in their volume. The same is valid for their shape.

Some people prefer the "apple-shape"; others prefer the "pear-shape". Their beauty lies rather in the way a woman values her breasts.

You may be one of the 80 percent women who consider that they have ugly breasts. This is as wrong as it can be. Each breast has a beauty of its own and it always moves the person looking at it.


Beautiful, firm, tonic breasts depend mainly on a good hormonal balance. From an esoteric point of view, a woman with beautiful breasts is a clear sigh that in her being the Yin and Yang energies are pretty much balanced.

The hormonal balance influenced by the hypothalamus - a nervous area situated in the brain - is varying according to the psychic state of the woman.

Because of this, a tonic, optimistic, happy woman will have firmer breasts than a depressed one.

Simple hygiene rules, as well as avoiding negligence will help you have beautiful breasts for a long time.

The Bra- A Necessity For Big Breasts

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In time, the elastic fibers sustaining the breasts are weakened by the weight of the breasts.

Consequently, the bra is necessary as soon as your breasts become big. It helps the skin not to lose its elasticity.

Moreover, regardless of the dimensions of your breasts, the bra is compulsory while practicing sports, especially jogging and other sports that make the breasts subject to trepidations.

You may drop the bra while swimming. Also wear a bra during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Chose the bra according to your constitution, and not according to the fashion. It should be not too loose, nor too tight, and the cups should fit the form of your breasts.

Pay Attention To Your Attitude

Control the position of your back. Sit straight and breathe deeply. If you sit as if hunchbacked your breasts will tend to become sagged. Little by little, the dorsal and pectoral muscles will become atrophied.

Look into a mirror, from the profile, pull the shoulders backwards and chin up! What do you say about this difference?

Make Faces

  • Contract the muscles of the neck twenty times a day, as this exercise trains the great pectoral muscle.

  • Pronounce the letter X, smiling as much as you can. Repeat the exercise 10-20 times a day.

Avoid Heat

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The breasts hate heat, be it the bath water or the sun. The heat makes the blood vessels dilatate, slowing the circulation. On the other hand, as we already mentioned the exposure to the sun leads to premature aging of the skin, with harmful effects on the elastic fibers.

Consequently, make the effort of toning your breasts with cold water, stimulating the blood circulation and toning the tissues.

Short cold showers, for two minutes for small breasts, and cold showers of four-five minutes for big breasts. These showers activate the blood circulation and favor the elimination of the toxins. Little by little, they gain in firmness.

Caution: make these showers in the correct manner: use circular movements on the exterior part of the breasts.

If you do not have a shower, you may use a large sponge to pour the cold water on your breasts.


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Swimming is a great exercise for your breasts, especially the bras style. Swimming makes the muscles of the back and the pectorals as they are forced to overcome the resistance of the water.

 Moreover, the pressure of the water is an excellent massage. You may also add the following exercise:

 Stand on your feet in the pool, with the water over your shoulders, and then open up your arms, and then slowly bring them in front of you. Repeat ten times.

Use Body Lotions

Lotions for the Bust

The lotions for the bust don't make miracles with your breasts but they help in keeping the elasticity of the breasts' skin.

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Based either on biological or vegetable extracts, it maintain the elastic fibers of the sustaining tissue in good condition.

Moreover, it force you to massage your breasts which is very benefit for them. Use always circular movements when you massage the breasts.

Solar lotions

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You should always use solar lotions when you expose your breasts to the sun. In the first days of exposure choose a lotion that guarantee a high protection against UV radiations. And after your daily shower use a nourishing cream for the skin.

True Facts About The Breasts

Even if you think you know everything about breasts, this article is worth reading. You'll find out which statements about breasts are true and which aren't.

1. If your breasts are small when you're 15, they remain be like this forever.

Wrong: The final faze of the mammal gland may reach maturity at 20 years old or, t6o be more precise, 4-5 years after the first period. Moreover, there are certain natural methods for enlarging the breasts such as: massage with wheat embryos oil, yoga techniques, lovemaking practiced with sexual continence , etc. All these methods will be presented in details in our site.

2. Breasts volume is genetically determined.

Wrong: There are a lot of factors except the genetic inheritance that influence the volume of the breasts. It is about nutrition, weight, life style and even about the sports you practiced.

3. If you don't wear a bra, then your breasts will fall.

Wrong: It is not recommended that the women with firm breasts should wear a bra. The only thing that they should do is to keep the suppleness and elasticity of the skin through exercises and massage with special creams, lotions or oils.

True: It is better to use bra if you have big breasts. Without an adequate sustaining system, your motions can cause micro-traumas. They lead progressively to falling breasts. This is why you should always wear a bra if your breasts are considered big.

4. Fitness helps increasing your breasts' volume.

Wrong: This activity influences only your the breasts' muscles, while the volume is given by the adipose mass. The best it can do is hardening your breasts, like swimming does.

5. If your nipples are inside then you can't breast-feed.

Wrong: In most cases this abnormality corrects by itself during the breast-feeding period.

6. You cannot use the same cream for breasts and for your body.

True: Breasts are very sensitive. By applying a cream that is made for more resistant body-parts, you could get some stains that are hard to take out.

7. It is not recommended to sun-bathe topless.

Wrong: UV rays do not cause tumours or cysts. It is true that the skin is very sensitive and the sun can affect it. It can lead to sunburns. You can avoid all these by using a protecting cream.

8. Women with mammal implants have a limited life-span.

Wrong: The presence of mammal prosthetics does not prevent women from practicing a sport or breast-feeding. But we don't recommend the prosthetics. It is better to use natural methods for making your breasts beautiful.

9. The breasts are one of the most erogenous body zones.

True: breasts are considered as the third erogenous zone, right after the mind (!) and genitalia. It is commonly accepted and also proven fact that nipples stimulation sometimes provokes uterus contractions.

10. It is abnormal for hair to exist around the nipples.

Wrong: The presence of a few hair in this area shouldn't bother you. You can remove them by using a tweezers. But if they are a lot, then it means that the person has got too many androgens. A special consultation is required.

Breast Facts

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1) Breasts can start growing as early as age 10 and don't stop until your early 20's.

2) Breasts have been overly sexualized in Western culture making them too big a part of a girls physical identity.

3) Breasts have a biological purpose - for feeding babies.

4) Having a baby changes ones breasts forever, and many women get larger (but much less perky) breasts after pregnancy.

5) During puberty breasts can develop rapidly causing discomfort, sensitivity and even stretch mark.

6) Larger breasts do not make a girl more feminine, sexier or "better".

7) Very large breasts can cause back pain and poor posture.

8) Brast are more than just underwear, they are necessary to keep your breasts supported and to stop injury to the breast tissue while playing sports.

9) Breast cancer is rare in teen aged girls but it is important to get used to checking your breasts for lumps and irregularities as soon as you start having your period - this is especially important if you have a family history of breast cancer.

10) All breasts, no matter what size and no matter what guys may say, are beautiful and amazing to the opposite sex.