Fat Belly

What Causes a Fat Belly

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Where we store fat (surplus calories) is largely a combination of gender, age and genetic inheritance. Men tend to store fat around their middle (apple shape), whereas women typically store fat around the pelvic region, hips, butt and thighs (pear shape). However, women are prone to develop an apple shape in mid-life, after menopause. This is because the female hormones are present in smaller amounts and so their shape tends to become more 'male'.

Stress and Stomach Fat

Some health studies show that abdominal fat can develop as a result of stress. This is because the hormone cortisol is released during stress, and a high level of cortisol in the body appears to stimulate the storage of fat around the belly and abdomen. Researchers at Yale University studied 60 women and found that the more stress they were under, the more fat they stored around their stomachs. So it appears that a fat belly is most likely to develop in stressed men of any age, and older stressed women.

How to Prevent a Fat Belly?

If you are prone to store fat around your middle, the healthiest solution is to maintain a normal weight. By matching your calorie intake to your calorie needs and prevent weight gain, you will prevent the development of any excess fat.

How to Reduce a Fat Stomach?

However, if you already have a fat belly, the best option is to follow a healthy weight loss diet, combined with fitness exercises such as aerobics (to burn extra calories) and a stomach-toning workout to help tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles. That said, reducing a fat stomach takes time - especially if you are an apple-shape. Despite what commercials say, there is no diet-plan or type of exercise that can "target" your fat stomach. So please don't get impatient. Your fat belly will disappear, I promise.

Tips for those who can't flatten stomach

Many dieters find it difficult to flatten the stomach. Some who can't flatten the belly quickly often end up buying all the latest tummy flattening devices in the hope that one will eventually trim the stomach muscles quicker. However, its not the best or latest equipment that will give us a trim stomach, it is achieved by using a little grit and determination. A flat stomach cannot be achieved using exercise alone it also requires an effective change in eating habits.

Burning the fat from the stomach and achieving a toned belly are totally different goals that require different approaches. A healthy diet, slightly lower in calories than the body requires will help burn fat from all over the body including the stomach area. Food intake should only reduce calories a little at a time over the course of many months. This allows the body to develop into a fat burning mode and reduce fat around the stomach gradually. Reducing calories too much only causes a weight loss plateau which results in a lowered metabolism and even possibly a gain in weight!

Aerobic exercise also helps burn fat from fat cells directly including the stomach. However, effective fat burning requires you to stick to the lower end of the target heart rate.

A toned stomach can be done quickly by using the best exercises that place direct stress on the stomach muscles. Look here to find out some of the best stomach toning exercises.

Tips to help flatten stomach by toning the belly muscles

  • Use smooth controlled movements.

  • You shouldn't be feeling a pull in the legs or hip joints when doing sit ups.

  • Don't arch the back it may strain the lower back area.

  • Don't get too much out of breath within the first few weeks.

  • Try to comfortably increase the number of repetitions each workout.

  • Sit ups can't really flatten stomach muscles very well.

  • Crunches are one of the best for flattening stomach.

  • Muscles adapt to repeated exercise so try performing different stomach. exercises - under guidance of a gym instructor!

  • Try varying the speed at which the exercise is performed - be careful when at fast pace!

  • Always warm the stomach up thoroughly before exercising to flatten the belly.

  • Exercise the side of the stomach as well as the front abs.

  • Always perform stomach exercises under the guidance of a qualified gym instructor, especially for the first few workouts

Flattening the stomach is not an easy task, it requires the correct approach and attitude which should last until stomach muscles are visible!

Abdominal Exercise

Primary Muscle(s) and Keywords of the Lying Leg Raises / Throwdowns Exercise

Abdominal , Lower Abdominal, Belly, Stomach, Lower Back, Hip Flexors, Core Strength, Washboard, Upper Body.

Start by lying on a mat with your legs straight out. Lift your legs straight up using only your abdominals and hip flexors. Lower your legs down without them touching the ground. Repeat.

Primary Muscle(s) and Keywords of the Cable Side Bends Exercise

Obliques , Abdominal, Belly, Stomach, Cable, Isolation, Upper Body

Start by grabbing a cable with your torso bent to the side as shown. Now raise the weight and use your opposing oblique muscle to do the action of contracting. Exhale until you are fully contracted on the opposite side. Return to the starting position.

Primary Muscle(s) and Keywords of the Twisting Crunches Exercise

Abdominal , Belly, Stomach, Isolation, Calisthenics, Bodyweight, Core Strength, Upper Body, Washboard

Start with lying on your back with your knees at a ninety degree angle and your hands by your side or behind your head for support. Now slowly lift your torso in a diagonal fashion (bring a shoulder towards the opposite knee). Keep your head and spine straightly aligned. Slowly return to the starting position without releasing tension on your abdominals. Repeat on other side.

Primary Muscle(s) and Keywords of the V-Up Exercise

Abdominal , Lower Abdominal, Belly, Stomach, Hip Flexors, Calisthenics, Bench, Bodyweight, Core Strength, Washboard, Upper Body

Start the V-Up by lying flat on a mat and then raise both your legs and arms together while keeping them as straight as possible. Keep your lower back as straight as possible as well. Lower down to the starting position slowly while exhaling.

Primary Muscle(s) and Keywords of the Jack Knives Exercise

Abdominal , Lower Abdominal, Belly, Stomach, Hip Flexors, Calisthenics, Core Strength, Isolation, Bench, Upper Body, Washboard

This exercise can be performed with your knees bent or kept straight. Lie on a bench with your lower body not on the bench. Complete a crunch and bring your knees and shoulders together. This exercise takes a lot of balance and is great for any athletes.