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Whether it's hard work, business, relationships, kids, exercise – life is full of stresses. This stress can impact any man's sex drive and performance. Men worldwide often wonder if there's a way to counteract these everyday stresses and put more zing back into their lovemaking without a prescription.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is a 100% natural and effective male sex performance enhancer.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is manufactured by Taseer Laboratories, for people with sexual dysfunction problems like impotence, premature ejaculation, functional barrier of erection, and low libido. Use of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE increases male hormone (testosterone) and sperm production, stimulates the body naturally. An erection usually takes place in 45 minutes after oral administration.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is 100% herbal will not lead to addiction or dependence.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE increase blood circulation, enriched vital essence, empower sexual performance and postpone aging.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE was created by men for men who hoped to recapture the passion and improve their love-making prowess without the embarrassment of doctors visits. This all-natural supplement has been satisfying men worldwide for several years. If you are man who is interested in taking a positive step toward improved sexual satisfaction – for you and your partner - then please take the time to read this website.

The focus of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is to increase the flow of blood to the penis thereby increasing the firmness and duration of the erection. As you will see there are many factors that come into play for an erection to be successful. Any type of damage or failure in a critical area can lead to weak erections and poor performance during your intimate situations.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE was formulated for people with impotence, premature ejaculation, functional barrier of erection, and low libido by increasing male hormone testosterone and sperm production, stimulating the body naturally by adjusting the functions of hypothalamus, hypophysis and sexual gland, and stimulating telotism center, making the cavernous body of the genital organ directionally congested and erected, and opening the lower orifices to reach a quick effect.  

The penis contains three major chambers which fill with blood during an erection. These are the Corpora Cavernosa, of which the penis contains two, and the Corpus Spongiosum. The head of the penis is called the glans and is continuous with the distal most portion of the Corpus Spongiosum. The glans varies in size accordingly with the penis during an erection. The three chambers are surrounded by thin ligaments that prevent over distention of the penis during an erection. In addition, fibrous extensions of these ligaments create a sheet that surrounds the penis and its chambers and are ultimately responsible for the "stiffness" of erection when distended. The chambers of the penis are a collection of distending blood vessels. They become engorged with blood during an erection.

The erection occurs when stimuli cause the brain to send neural signals to the penis via the nervous system. Complex chemicals are also released by the body that triggers the process of filling and holding the blood in the chambers of the penis. As the vascular muscle at the beginning of the Corpus Spongiosum fills with blood it soon stops the flow out of the penis. The penis is now engorged and in an erect state. If there are any problems in any area of the erection process your performance will suffer. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE contains ingredients researched for their ability to boost performance by increasing blood flow to the penis which results in harder erections.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE contains specially chosen ingredients long researched for their ability to stimulate greater blood flow to the genitals and increase testosterone levels.

The Natural Erection Tablet for Powerful, Multiple & Long Lasting Erections & Relief from Premature Ejaculation

Benefits Of

  • Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Stop Premature Ejaculation

  • Increases sperm production and helps boosts sex drive.

  • Helps dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis.

  • Natural aphrodisiac that helps increase sex drive.

  • Improves sexual function and helps increase libido in men.

  • Increases blood flow to the male sexual organs.

  • Stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more testosterone.

  • Is a semi-essential amino acid that helps transport and store nitric oxide, a chemical in the body that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the penis.

  • Provides energy. increase sexual stamina and arousal.

  • Supports the central nervous system and helps the body relax.

  • Frequently used to treat poor circulation.

  • Used to prevent prostate enlargement. Also helps stimulate circulation.

  • Helps boost circulation and brings warmth to the whole body.

  • Alleviates stress and helps you relax.

  • Promotes a healthy immune system and delivers natural energy to the body.

  • Stimulates the entire body to overcome stress, fatigue and weakness.

  • Helps increase testosterone and progesterone levels in the body.

  • Popular glandular substance derived from testicle tissue. Helps produce testosterone, and sperm cells.

  • Important for male nutrition as well as maintaining proper blood levels of estradiol, which is a precursor of estrogen. Estrogen is a sex hormone that must be regulated to insure maximum male sexual performance.

Effectiveness of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE

The Three Major Problems of Men are Low Libido, Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is Targeted at Solving These Very Three Problems.

Feedback on this TABLET has been outstanding, be prepared to have strong erections for long periods, and high libido. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is a revolutionary sexual stimulant designed to help increase sexual stamina and arousal. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE utilizes three proprietary components that make its actions very powerful, it may help you: ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE, INCREASE YOUR LIBIDO, MAINTAIN A MORE SUSTAINABLE ERECTION, & HELPS PROLONG EJACULATION. Start a better love life today, with TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE on your side you can feel confident in your love making!!

1) Low Libido

Libido means ‘sexual drive’. It is common knowledge that a person can have good sex only when the person enjoys the act. It is often said that ‘sex lies between the ears and not between the legs’. This is very true. Even you might have experienced that on some days you feel very sexually stimulated, while on some other days you feel sexually quite down and out. This can happen even with the same partner and on the same bed. Wherein does the difference lie then? It is within the mind.

Our brain is the controlling center for all the sexual activities that go on inside our body. The brain controls the sexual triggers in males such as erection, shortness of breath, ejaculation of the seminal discharge known in slang as precum, and so on. The brain does this after getting aroused by sexual stimuli. Sexual stimuli for different men are different. The following are the most commonly observed sexual stimuli in men:-

  • Visual stimulus, like seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex (in heterosexual men).

  • Tactile stimulus, like being touched by someone, especially in the erogenous zones like the penile and the nipples.

  • Auditory stimulus, like hearing some sexually titillating talk (this is the basis of success of all telephonic sex operations).

  • Olfactory stimulus, which include smelling some sexually indicative aromas, like the body odor of a lover or some perfumes.

All these stimuli decide what kind of response the man would give as a reflex action. If the arousal is high, then we say that the sexual drive in the person is high. A sexually aroused man will exhibit.

  • A hardened and erect penis

  • Some fluid discharge at the tip of the penile (this is the precum)

  • Upright nipples (this may not be observed in some men)

  • Shortening of breath, etc.

However, if it is low, then the person will not exhibit some or all of the above indications. This would definitely be a big blow to the man’s sexual performance.

The ingredients of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE are real weapons for your low libido. This exclusive formula has been shown in scientific studies to increase sexual desire, support sexual function and boost the male low libido. It helps create firmer harder erections, increase in testosterone levels, sperm count and potency. As a result, heighten desire, pleasure and sense of well being.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE will increase sexual desire, enhance libido and ensure orgasm. The ingredients of the products, have been tried and tested to increase the libido of men.

2) Premature Ejaculation

It means ‘coming too soon’ in slang language. It is the condition when the person ejaculates too quickly, without the female partner getting her orgasm. It can lead to a lot of sexual frustration, where the partner might think her man is selfish and does not care whether she gets her orgasm or not. It is today a leading cause of breakups between sexually active couples.

Every sexually active man in this world must have ejaculated too soon at least once in his life. This is not a permanent condition; it can be corrected with the passage of time. Differing circumstances can bring about changes in the man’s ejaculating tenacity. In men, the leading causes of premature ejaculation are as follows:-

  • Too much sexual frenzy, This is generally observed in young men having sex for the first time. In such men, the sexual arousal is built up so high, that they may ejaculate too soon. It is not uncommon to observe first-timers ejaculating merely upon being touched by a woman.

  • Too many sexual taboos, In some customs, sex is quite an ‘in the closet’ subject. For this reason, couples cannot have sex with freedom. In some Asian countries, there is the pattern of living in joint families, where there is a possibility of anyone interfering in the sexual act. Such couples may devise methods to quicken the sexual act. Even under improved conditions, the men may continue to ejaculate too soon.

  • Too much masturbation in the younger age, Boys caught masturbating are often reprimanded. In order to avoid this, boys perform their masturbations quite quickly, for example, while in the shower or while urinating. This habit may continue in later lives and become a cause for premature ejaculation.

  • Too many tensions and worries, This cause is in conjunction with the fact that sex is an emotionally triggered act. Men who have lots of worries in their head may just ejaculate quite quickly in their pent-up frustration.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is the best herbal remedy for removal of premature ejaculation and for increasing the sexual staying power in a man. It lowers the sensivity of penis and highers the viscosity of semen to remove the premature ejaculation permanently.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is purely natural and safe tablet with out any side effects.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is of very special benefits to men who are suffering from this problem. It prolongs the sexual arousal of the man without letting him ejaculate. As a result, the couple can enjoy the bodies of each other without the fear that the man will come too soon and put an abrupt end to the sexual recreation.

3) Erectile Dysfunction

It is simply known as ‘weak erection’. Any person who has problems with getting a hard penile during sexual arousal is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Both of the following scenarios can be termed as erectile dysfunction:-

The man is unable to get an erection at all, i.e. it is always flaccid.

The man gets an erection, but is not able to sustain it till his partner gets an orgasm.

Both the above cases of erectile dysfunction can wreak havoc on the man’s sexual life, not to mention the embarrassment they can cause to the man. In almost all customs, men who fail to get an erection (or cannot maintain an erection) are treated as men having lesser masculinity. Though this is quite untrue, society continues to label men according to the quality of the erections they get. Therefore, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are constantly on the lookout for some remedy of their condition.


Most of the factors that cause low libido can also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Some of the generally observed causes are:

  • Living under stressful conditions often leads to weak erection. This is because the blood circulates to a greater extent in the brain than in the genital area. As a result, the blood is insufficient to fill up in the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa which provides the erection.

  • Diseases like diabetes mellitus are known to cause erectile dysfunctions in men. Such types of erectile dysfunction can only be cured with a symptomatic treatment of the disease itself.

  • Some men experience after eating a very heavy food. This is because more blood is consumed in the digestion and assimilation of the food, and it is insufficient to fill up the corpus cavernosa.

  • Men who are addicted to smoking and alcoholism lose their sexual urges. This manifests itself in the inability to get and sustain an erection.

  • Similarly, men who take a lot of therapeutic drugs such as depressants, antihistamines, painkillers, etc. will suffer from the side-effect of erectile dysfunction.

  • Men who have undergone surgeries in the groin may loss some of the sexual stimulus in the area. Examples of such surgeries are removal of cancers and surgeries of the urinary bladder.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE provides you with better, stronger and larger erections as well as ensures overall male health and longevity. Its powerful nutrients and potent herbal agents work to stimulate male performance.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE can help men achieve hard and prolonged erections by the virtue of the ingredients present in them. The fulfillment of a rollicking, frolicking sexual episode can be easily brought on by the usage of these wonder products.

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