Sex and Marriage

Knowledge of sex is very important, at least for post marital life because at times, lack of knowledge about sex ruins the, marital life of couple. It has been noticed that man have too much of misconception about sex. They fear weather they will able to satisfy their wife during intercourse or not. This feeling develops generally due to these factors:

  • When the husband is physically weaker than his wife is.

  • When the wife is more beautiful than husband

  • When the husband starts thinking that his organ has become weaker because of masturbation, homosexual intercourse or due to press push method of intercourse that he had adopted earlier.

Now lets us deal the problem individually. In case first, when the husband is physically inferior to his wife, the couple is not satisfied during sex. Although they are physically healthy but psychologically the are defeated. Actually, enjoyment in the intercourse can be divided into 2 parts.

First being the pleasure in the excitement which is generally called as foreplay and the second being the actual performance of intercourse unto the point of climax.

The pleasure in the first part is fully dependent on the mental concentration towards the sexual thought and activities, appearance of the body of the both husband and wife. For a brief period after marriage, the physical appearance matters but as life proceeds, this factor becomes meaningless. In the second case when the wife is more beautiful than the husband, then an inferiority complex grips the husband and he does not feel comfortable at the thought of intercourse and does not find full strength in the organ at the time of intercourse. Even the wife gets irritated but hardly understands the problem. But if the wife is matured enough, she can easily trace out the root cause of the problem and sort it out. In most of the cases, the female reaches the climax later than man does. There are some causes behind it. One of them is that the productive organ of a man is outside, while in case of women, it is inside. In case of man, it is touched prior to the women, so the pleasure for the man begins, prior to the women, and hence, even being equally strong in sex, man discharge earlier than the women. One more factors matter. Suppose a man is fully excited when he touches his wife but in many cases, wife at the times of touch will not be so excited. Hence, there will be a phase difference in man and his wife. Sometimes a man thinks that he is not competent for his wife so far sexual strength in concerned. But it is only a misunderstanding because of aforesaid factor. To remove this misunderstanding, man should try to compensate this phase of difference in their degree of excitement. Here is the second way, that is the medical treatment. For this a man should visit well-qualified doctors. To take pills, drugs and other things, which shows the immediate effect is highly dangerous for the youth. He will loose all potentiality in long run and reach a stage even after taking drugs, man is helpless to achieve the required potential.

Honey Moon

This is a tradition, which prevails in all the countries and among every caste and creed and has got the same importance every where. In Urdu it is called as Suhag Raat. In Hindi known as Madhu Mas and in English it is termed as HoneyMoon. This first meeting of husband and wife in the night decides the future course of their married life. This is the union of two souls; therefore its mental and spiritual importance is more than the physical. Previously, only rich and educated people used to go out for Honey Moon, but now it is become a tradition. To some extent, it is good tradition, because in Pakistan during and after few days of the marriages, the house is full with relatives and it become very difficult for the newly couple to understand each other in that crowded atmosphere, for want of time and space. It is true to say that honeymoon is the most important moment of life during which the couple comes to under standing each other. This is the moment of love, not only the meeting of two bodies, but union of two souls, meaning thereby that lives of two persons have united into one for ever.

Important Instruction to Youth

  • Always avoid bad company. Do not read vulgar and obscene literature and safe guard yourself from bad talks. Always try to preserve your semen, the gem of life.

  • Do not be afraid of night discharges. If is happens once or twice a month, it is a natural course, but if night discharges happen in frequently, one must consult some qualified and experienced physician.

  • Marriage is a pious co-relation and one should abide by every rule of marriage. Do not treat your wife as if she was only meant for sexual pleasure, but always given full respect to her. Do not have intercourse when she is in her menses periods.

  • Always avoid the company of prostitutes. If you go to them, you will ruin your wealth, health and youth and you may suffer from many dangerous diseases.

  • Do not have intercourse immediately after meals but it should be done 2 to 3 hours later.

  • Always try to avoid too much spicy food, wine, tobacco and excess of tea etc.

  • Have your bath daily and don't forget to clean your male organ (Penis) with sufficient water because some white colored substance (smegma) collects in the male organ that can develop infections.

  • Always go for urination before going to bed.

  • Get yourself thoroughly examined by an experienced and qualified medical practitioner before marriage and act upon his advice.

  • If you suffer from any contagious disease, you should immediately consult some qualified and experienced physician.

  • Masturbation starts from bad company, therefore always avoid bad company and try to control this bad habit with a firm determination.