Sexual Complications Of Men

Premature Ejaculation
(Early Discharge)

If a person discharges very early at the time of sexual play, it is called premature ejaculation. It would be true to say that sexual capacity varies from person to person. It can be from two minutes to ten minutes. If one ejaculated before the wife is fully satisfied, it should be deemed that he is suffering from premature ejaculation. There are many symptoms to know whether a person is suffering from this disease or not. For instance, to ejaculate at the very start of sexual act, to feel immediately excited when a person is besides a woman, to ejaculate at the very touch of private parts, or to discharge when a person gets a touch of women in the crowed. All these symptoms denote 'Premature Ejaculation', which may ultimately lead to impotency. That person who is suffering from 'Premature Ejaculation' should not take opium and other intoxicants for enjoyment. Undoubtedly, these intoxicants are of momentary use, but after some time he gets addicted and every time he has to take these intoxicants. In the long run these do not work and he becomes Impotent forever. A person who has done masturbation in excess may suffer from premature ejaculation.


If a person cannot fully satisfy his wife in the sexual act he is called impotent and the disorder is called as Impotency. It is of many kinds. The person loses his retention power in sexual play, one gets discharged without satisfying the women and she does not reach climax and in the end the penis loses its capacity of erection. These are few sings of Impotency. The main cause of impotency is excess of masturbation, secondly excess of inter course. At this stage the patient has a desire for inter course, but he is helpless because his penis does not erect enough, in other words it can be said that the penis becomes like a paralysed part of the body. Some how or other he achieves some erection in the penis but he discharges before intercourse. This disease ruins the happy married life. The Patient feels disappointed and loses his confidence, he sees gloom and darkness around him and very often he thinks of committing suicide. Impotency not only affects the man; one can easily imagine the mental condition of the women whose husband is impotent. She becomes very much disappointed and frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of the sexual desire, but the desire of having a child which is more important to a woman. To fulfill this desire she may take the help of some other person by which a heaven like home turns into hell.

Night Discharge

To discharge semen while asleep is called night Discharge. It is also known as nightfall. The patient in dream feels that some beautiful woman is beside him, he starts doing sexual act with her and the semen is discharged. In the beginning he rises up immediately at the time of discharge but slowly he is so much in the grip of this disease that he fails to know when he has discharged semen while asleep. He comes to know of it only when he gets up in the morning. Nightfall does always occur at night. Occasional night discharges are not a disease but if it happens frequently, it is undoubtedly injurious to ones health. To avoid frequent nightfall young men should not indulge in vulgar talks, see nude photographs and should not read sexual literature, which arouses their sexual feelings. Do not take hot milk at night. In the morning to walk bare foot on green grass is very helpful for those who have frequent night discharges.


While clearing one's bowels semen starts passing before or after urination, is called spermaorrhoea. In the beginnings it falls only when one urinates or puts pressure at time of passing stool. Slowly the falling develops before or after one urinates, If this situation continues, the patient gets weaker even after having rich meals. In the chronic stage he loses the brightness of youth. When he feels excited, it falls in excess and his male organ (Penis) very soon gets loose. Women hate such type of persons, but due to shyness she keeps mum. The patient is neither in a position to satisfy his wife nor himself but desires for sex always.


Ejaculating semen with the help of hand is called Masturbation or Hand practice or self-indulgence. One starts it mostly due to bad company .If parents do not looks after their children properly, they fall in the grip of many bad habits, as a result, they start hand practicing whenever they are alone. At that moment they derive a sort of physical enjoyment from thi39s act. Gradually they get so much accustomed to this bad habit, and it becomes very difficult for them to get rid off. They are not aware of the fact that this momentary enjoyment weakens them. When they grow up they feel that they are too weak to enjoy their happy married life. Due to excess Masturbation their genital organ (Penis) does not develop fully. They become mentally and physically weak and lack self-confidence. They develop a very irritating and frustrated temperament and become sick of the society. Excess of Masturbation may lead to frequent night discharges, there after semen may start passing before or after urination. Their digestive system also weakens and even after taking rich diet, which do not improve their health. To get rid of this bad habit one needs a strong will power. All the youths of today should note that masturbation is not a good habit and they should always try to avoid it to make their lives happier and healthier.


When a boy crosses the childhood and enters into youth, he gets lots of imaginary ideas. This is the most delicate period of his life. Every part of his body blooms. At this age if he controls himself and his passion, he florishes like a flower and his personality shines. He tries to climb higher and higher and he is successful in his life. But I feel sorry to note that many of the youth adopt wrong ways. It may be due to bad company they are keeping or for want of necessary sexual knowledge. Then indulge in some unnatural means to satisfy their sexual urge and ruin the lives. At that time they are not aware of the fact of life but they realise their mistakes when they get married as they unable to perform well in sexual act and unable to satisfy their wives. They repent for what they did in the past, because they cannot fully enjoy the charm of happy married life. They felt a condition of dried up semen, which is the most valuable treasure of life and was wasted by them just for nothing.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Sexual Health

Your interest in our treatment is an indication that you're interested in overall sexual health and vitality. Here are some other important tips for maximizing your virility:

Take A Daily Majoon Faulad Ambri
(Nutrition Supplement -

Many men miss out on essential nutrients because of stress, overloaded schedules and poor diets. A daily multi is good insurance.

Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration is often the culprit in fatigue, exhaustion, and poor function of other body systems (all of which can interfere with your sex life). Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep running in top form.

Exercise Often

Fit folks seem to have better, more satisfying sex lives than the couch potatoes. In addition to keeping all body systems functioning well, exercise also contributes to overall confidence, feelings of sexiness, and the strength and stamina to do as you please between the sheets.

Stop Eating Like A Frat Boy

Time to take nutrition seriously, and forego the all-burger diet. Sure, treat yourself to things you like, but ease up on the junk and put a study to healthy-eating methods.

Cut Down or Stop Smoking

Smoking has been shown to have direct negative effects on sperm count, semen volume and sex drive. Seems to us that if the Surgeon General put this info on cigarette packs, there'd be far fewer smokers!

Careful With The Alcohol

drinking to inebriation will adversely affect your sex life, not just for that night, but overall: liver exhaustion and the depressive effects of chronically overdrinking will wreck your health and your sex life.

Get Good Rest

You know by now that burning the candle at both ends usually means burn out and often that shows up first in flagging sexual desire and exhaustion. Take care of yourself, and top prioritize a good night's sleep.

Use It or Lose It

One of the best ways to keep your sexual hormones and organs in good form is to enjoy a robust, active sex life! Frequent sex also has been shown to be a factor in preventing prostate cancer. There are also studies that suggest men who engage in sex frequently are at lower risk for heart attack.