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Techniques For Harder Erections 

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These tips will help you achieve longer lasting & harder erections: Stick to a low-fat, high-fiber diet. High levels of cholesterol can actually clog the blood vessels in your penis. This also can cause impotence. Furthermore, you should include a little zinc in your diet. Foods containing zinc include lean beef, turkey, cereal, lamb, crabmeat and oysters. Also check out the vitamins and supplements that we recommend for a harder erection. Make sure you get plenty of exercise. When you’re out of shape, not only does this negatively affect your ability to have sex, it increases the likelihood of erection problems. Stop smoking. Besides the obvious health risks of smoking, studies show that smoking plays a major role in erectile & impotence problems among men. Finally, the best piece of advice that can be given (and one you probably won’t have any problem with) is this: If you want to have better erections- Have MORE erections! The muscle tissue in your penis needs oxygen to survive.

Where does it get that oxygen? From the red blood cells flowing in the blood. The more blood that circulates, the less chance of erectile failure. Since blood flows to the penis at a much greater rate when you have an erection, the best way to keep the muscle tissue in your penis properly oxygenated is by having more erections. There, now you have a legitimate excuse to masturbate.

Ancient Secret:

” Place your thumb on the top of the penis at the root and your index finger at the bottom of the penis at the root. Take a deep breath and while holding, squeeze and grip the shaft of your penis in a wave toward the tip of the penis. The thumb, the index finger and the pinky finger push, forcing blood into the penis head. Now hold this grip for as long as you’re able to hold your breath. Repeat this exercise 9 times. Each time you hold your breath, count to 9 and with each count, squeeze more toward the head of the penis.”

How Will It Work?

So will these exercises work for me?

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Well, your penis is divided into three chambers which are made of a spongy tissue. This tissue absorbs blood as it rushes to the penis, creating an erection. If you can perform the right exercises, these three chambers will gradually expand and eventually be able to hold more blood. This creates a larger Penis! The key to growing the penis is to stretch and create tension to the erectile tissues, which makes up the majority of the penis in mass, being the corpus cavernosa. This stretch or expansion can take place with certain tools for the flaccid, semi-flaccid, or erect state. No matter who you are, it WILL work for you. Tension and force will make your erectile tissues grow because it has no choice but to respond. Even if gains are slow, you’ll make them.

It takes about a day before a new cell is permanently created and established inside your penis. However, just because permanent size gains are made, it does not mean that they are immediately noticeable to the human eye. You must be patient. It will take a few weeks before these accumulated permanent results are noticed.

When you first engage in penis enlargement your flaccid size will increase rapidly for about the first 2 inches. At this same stage you will gain roughly 1 inch in erect size. So, in the beginning you’ll gain 2 inches in the flaccid state and 1 inch in the erect state. This is what happens on average.

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Introduction To Jelqing

JELQING (also known as “Milking”) is an “ancient” technique that has been performed for centuries by many tribes and cultures. It is considered THE most effective method of penis enlargement. These milking exercises force blood into the penis. Over the course of several months, the blood spaces in the penis became larger, which means that they can hold more blood. This in return makes your penis larger.

We have found that there are SEVERAL different variations of Jelqing that are practiced by men. The general notion of “milking the penis” is always the same, but the techniques seem to vary a bit. Our personal preference is TECHNIQUE ONE. We’ve had more success growth-wise with our clients with this particular technique. Read through all the different variations on Jelqing and decide which technique you think would work for you. You will want to use a lubricant for these exercises.

The results from Jelqing are PERMANENT. The penis will become enlarged in both the flaccid and erect states, but especially in its erect state. The exercises are beneficial, not harmful. They will actually improve the health and strength of the male organ as well as increase its size. IMPORTANT: Care must be taken that the exercise is NOT PERFORMED DURING HARD ERECTION. Vascular (vein) damage could result if the penis is forcibly milked in its fully erect state. You want your penis between half to 3/4 erect. Results cannot be obtained until a partial erection is present. After this exercise has been performed, it will be noticed that the penis (even in its flaccid state) appears both longer and thicker.

This is a fact. And from within one to several months of exercise, the penis will appear rather enormous; this is due to the impaction of blood in the penile tissues. Choose ONE of these jelqing exercise techniques to include in your workout.

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Jelqing Exercises


This simple exercise, if practiced five days a week, will enable a man who possesses, for example, a six-inch erect penis, to add from between one to three inches to the length of his penis (measured at the top, from tip to pelvis) and it will grow in circumference proportionately. Little or no growth may be apparent for approximately one month. During the second or third month an increase of two or more inches will not be uncommon.

1 - When your penis becomes SEMI-ERECT, make the American” A-OK” sign with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. With this hand, grip tightly around the base of your penis.

2 - Now starting from the base, pull the penis gently but firmly. Stretch downward and outward. You should still be in a semi-erect state. Make sure to touch the penis all the way from the base to the head. Note that the head of your penis expands with blood.

3 - Switch to the right hand and do the same thing, starting from the base and stretching downward to the head. Alternate both hands in a smooth rhythmic (”milking”) motion, touching upon every part of the penis except the very top part of the penis head.

 Do 200-300 strokes/day at medium strength for the first week. (10 minutes)

Do 300-500 strokes/day at medium-full strength for the next week. (15 minutes)

Do 500 or more strokes/day from then on, and as strong as you can make them. (20 minutes)

If you find yourself getting an erection during this exercise, squeeze harder to discourage it or simply wait until it subsides. You can encourage circulation afterward by slapping your penis up and down 25 - 50 times. Perform this exercise 5 days a week. Remember to keep your penis only partially erect. If you feel ejaculation coming on, pause milking until the urge subsides. This is itself an exercise… one of self-control.

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1 - Apply lubrication to the flaccid penis from the hilt to the head.

2 - Using only the thumb and forefinger, stretch the penis downward and slightly outward. Be gentle, but firm.

3 - Alternate hands, one then the other, in a “milking action”.

4 - Keep performing gently until a certain amount of swelling develops, then perform the action a bit more firmly and forcibly.

5 - Repeat this action 100 times.

For the first ten days, take it relatively easy. Gradually though, you should be performing 200 repetitions. These exercises are the same for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. It will be noticed that the head (or glans) becomes extremely red and that it will swell considerably. This is normal and good, and is due to the forcing of blood to that area.

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This is the “Dry” version of Jelqing. Similar to Techniques 1 and 2, but without the lubrication.

In “dry” milking, you squeeze and pull the skin, but you don’t slide your fingers over the skin. As the penis becomes too large to cover in one stroke, work on the base and middle of the shaft separately. Some guys like to milk “dry” in the morning before getting out of bed (when testosterone levels are the highest.) If you find your penis is getting sore, take a day off.


Apply lubrication to your penis, rubbing all over. With your penis in a 1/2 state of erection, rub a little more Vaseline into your palms. Take your left hand and make an “ok” symbol with your thumb and forefinger. Then take your thumb and forefinger and grip tightly around the base of your penis. Keeping a tight grip, slide your hand down to the head of your penis, pulling as you go (the head of your penis expands as you do this). Repeat with your right hand, and continue over and over, one hand then the other. Keep this movement going at a medium to fast pace. For the first week or so, only jelq 100-200 repetitions (about 10 minutes). After the first week, try to work up to 20 minutes each day. Remember to keep your penis only partially erect. If you feel ejaculation coming on, pause until the urge subsides.

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This is also know an the Tao technique. This works for men who want a bigger “mushroom” head on their penis. It’s essentially the same as Technique One, except performed slower and more gently. Use your fingers to push the blood up to your penis head and create some sustained pressure. Hold that position momentarily (approximately 10 seconds.). This will expand the capacity of your head to take in more blood, in the end creating a bell or mushroom shape. You can also squeeze the shaft to make the blood engorge in the head. Once it’s hard, you can release the squeeze. Repeat as many times as you wish (but don’t exceed 10 minutes).


When performing the jelqing exercise, you will need to apply a lubricant on your penis.

Do NOT use soap or shampoo! These can irritate the skin when applied so vigorously and for so long to the skin. It can also dry out the skin severely, causing it to crack and peel for a few days. Furthermore, it can sting if it gets into the hole (the urethral opening) at the end of your penis. Vaseline (Petrolium jelly) works, but.. be orewarned.. it’s greasy and makes a mess. Another downside is that Vaseline is so thick, it may not allow you to move your hand as fast as you’d like. Baby Oil also works, but it is also very messy and leaves stains. One of your best bets is using Vaseline Intensive Care. It cleans up fairly easily, is slippery, it lasts long, and lets you go as fast as you want when performing the exercises.

Hot Towel Warm-up

You should begin your daily workout with this procedure. This is not really an exercise, so much as a prerequisite. What the hot compress does is draws blood to the area of your penis, increasing the blood flow and making the skin slightly elastic. This also ensures a good grip for the exercises you will be performing. Soak a washcloth in warm-to-hot water, then wring out. Take the cloth and wrap it around the shaft of your penis (either flaccid or erect). Hold it there a minute, then repeat a couple of times. Dry off your penis well.

Growth & Circulation     


After performing your daily stretching exercise, you should use this growth and circulation exercise. This technique gets the blood flowing in your penis and prepares you for the “semi-erect” state you willl need to be in for the next exercise in your workout… the Jelqing Exercise. Hold the penis and whip it around gently. Whip it no more than 30 times and make sure you protect your scrotum with the other hand, otherwise you may hurt yourself.

PC Introduction

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In researching this manual, time and time again we came across resources mentioning the PC Muscle. Performing These exercises are most IMPORTANT for several reasons: they give you stronger erections, create intense (sometimes multiple) orgasms, help you control your ejaculations, help shorten the recovery time between orgasms, and even give you a healthy prostate. The PC muscle (or pubococcygeal muscle) is actually a group of pelvic muscles that form the basis for your sexual health. They run from your pubic bone in the front to your tailbone in the back. You can feel this muscle at your perineum, just behind your testicles and in front of your anus. In addition to controlling urination with other pelvic muscles, the PC muscle is what helps bring a man or woman to climax. For men, this is the muscle that involuntarily “pumps” when you ejaculate.

Strengthening and learning to control this muscle, you will find, is THE sex secret. These PC exercises involve doing a set of easy-to-learn pelvic-muscle exercises. This is a FOOLPROOF way for men to boost their partners’ and their own pleasure during lovemaking. Women have already been using their PC muscles for years to help them get sexually aroused easier, lubricate faster, and have more and better orgasms. First you must Locate Your PC Muscle. It’s actually easier for men to locate this muscle and do these Exercises than it is for women. Simply stop your urine midstream when you urinate. This not only teaches you how to find the PC muscle, but gets you started on your exercises. Stop and restart your urination 5 times during every trip to the bathroom. Using your ability to stop the flow of urine will help you control your ejaculations.

Ancient techniques refer to this process simply as “tightening the anus”. You can flex the PC muscle quickly and repeatedly, or clench tight and hold for as long as you can. This latter exercise is tougher than it sounds, yet this is the exercise that the sex gurus say will help you prolong your erections and increase the force with which you ejaculate.

PC Exercises

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PC Flex Basic View 1 


PC Flex Basic View 2  


PC Flex Basic View 3

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PC Flex Basic View 4

PC Flex Basic View 5   


PC Flex Basic View 6                                                 

Once you’ve found your PC muscle, you can start doing the PC Exercises anytime, anywhere. You want to squeeze your PC on a daily basis. These are the PC Exercises: Perform quick PC CLAMPS. Squeeze and release, over and over. Start with sets of twenty, then build to 100 or more. Do at least 250 PC clamps every day, for the rest of your life. Your goal is to be capable of creating 1,000 clamps a day.

Practice LONG SQUEEZES by holding the PC muscle clamped tightly for thirty seconds, or as long as you can.

Try doing STAIR STEPS: tighten and loosen in increments. Tighten for a couple of seconds, loosen for a couple of seconds. Do it over and over again. PC FLUTTER: Tighten the PC muscle as slowly as you possibly can. Once you’ve finished the slow squeeze (to where you can’t squeeze anymore), let go. At some point it will “flutter,” and you’ll feel energy sparkling up your spine. Concentrate on deep, slow breathing while you do this. This is great for restoring energy when you’re running down! When you urinate and you want to let those last squirts shoot out, you use your PC muscle in the other direction. By doing this you’ll feel your anus open and the sensation is different. This is called the PUSH OUT PC. Most men can do Kegels anywhere, since they’re seldom aroused by the exercises.

Continued over a lifetime, the exercises can help men (and women) head off urinary incontinence as they get older. That, plus greater arousal, enhanced orgasms and longer-lasting sex, make these some of the simplest, most beneficial exercises a man or woman can do. Psychologists and sex experts have prescribed Kegel exercises to thousands of male patients, many of whom were troubled by erection problems. Most who did the exercises reported firmer erections than ever before. Others reported increased sexual sensation, more intense orgasms, and the ability to delay ejaculation. And most surprisingly, some of the men were eventually able to have multiple orgasms! That is, two or more climaxes during a single act of intercourse BEFORE ejaculating!

DLD Double Forced Jelq & Bend

By this time you are very comfortable with your Jelqing exercise. Being comfortable is good but to keep growing intensity must be added. We developed a special Jelqing style that brings you to the next level of intensity. DLD Forced Double Jelq & Bend takes the basics of the simple Jelq and adds a much needed intensity. The theory behind why the Jelq works is simple as explained in early literature. The more blood you can get into your penis the bigger your penis becomes and over time the capacity become greater and greater. Now taking this theory and improving on it is something we had always strived to do. With a normal Jelqing session we started to become too comfortable so we developed this method. 

  • Instructions
  • In practice

Step One

Start a normal Jelq at the extreme base.  


Step Two

Jelq about an inch up, now taking the other hand start the next Jelq

while still trapping the first Jelqs blood with the other hand


Step Three

Follow through with this Jelq.



Step Four

Once you reach the bottom of the glans use that hand to deliberately push a slight bend forward against the hand supporting the base. 



This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The idea with this basic Jelq session is to prepare your penis for Phase two.

This completes 1 Set of Double Forced Jelq & Bend

This completes 1 Set of Double Forced Jelq & Bend

Sample: Normal jelq at extreme base      

Sample: After this you do step four

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our manual:

When should I use these techniques?

Whenever you wish. A lot of men do their workout first thing in the morning, and others do it before they go to bed at night. The actual time of day will not affect the process.

Can I ejaculate right before, during, or after exercising?

When you ejaculate your body goes through several chemical and physical changes, first your blood testosterone levels begin to drop, second, all your connective tissues begin to tighten as well, it is best to wait at least several hours after completion of the exercises before ejaculating, just as it is also important not to ejaculate for at least several hours before exercising as well.

When I jelq I get a little, (or a lot) sore, is this normal?

Check the soreness and see what is causing it, you may just need to trim the pubic hair right at the base of your penis. Is it a sharp pain or just a dull discomfort? Are you doing the hot wraps?

A slight discomfort/soreness is normal and should pass as your penis and all supportive structures get used to the exercises. Try not to stop, a slight discomfort is normal, if the pain is sharp or is strong enough to keep you from exercising take a few days off from the exercises while continuing to do the hot wraps.

How can I keep from getting erect when jelqing or stretching?


When you are just starting out on the program your penis is accustomed to getting hard from the stimulation because it is always being used for the same thing, get hard, get stimulated, achieve orgasm and ejaculation. After a couple weeks to a few months your penis will be accustomed to the exercises and the erections should be more controllable. During these first few weeks if you get an erection take a few seconds or minutes to let it subside, you won’t hurt anything as all these first few weeks are for is so that Mr. Penis, (and you), can get accustomed to the exercises.

Can I do the exercises twice a day?

The ideal heal time for tissues in your body is 48 hours, (depending on the tissue type, muscle tissue is one of the the fastest, nerve tissue is the slowest at 1 to 2 mm a month). When you exercise more than once a day you are not giving Mr. Penis time to heal correctly often times at the sacrifice of growth.

I’m not circumcised, is there anything special I should do to do the exercises?

Not necessarily, there are mainly just two things you should be aware of. First, when jelqing be sure to stop just at the base of the head, second, if you choose you can use your free hand to retract the foreskin then jelq as you normally would.

How do I find my pc muscle?

An easy to find your pc muscle is: When urinating, stop the flow of urine without using your hands, and no, it’s not your anal sphincter or your abdominal muscles. After time you will get good at it and will be able to do it whenever you want, this is flexing your pc muscle. For starters stop the flow of urine as many times as you can every time you go. After a few days you will be able to do it whenever you want. Try and do as many Kegels as you can every day. Kegels are the exercise that work the pubococcygeal (pc) muscle.

Do I have to do the Hot Wraps?

The hot wrap should not be considered optional as they serve two main purposes. First they serve to loosen connective tissues so they can stretch more easily with less risk of injury.

Second the hot wraps serve to increase penile circulation which in turn increases the amount of nutrients that reach your penis.

When can I expect to see my first gains?

Most begin to see their first gains at around the second week with others seeing gains after their 2nd month, some see gains as soon as the first exercise session. You can expect to see flaccid gains before erect gains as your penis becomes more accustomed to the increased blood flow.

I don’t have enough time to do all the exercises at once, Can I spread them out over the day?

Yes. We know that sometimes it is hard to find the time. If you wish to split the exercises up during the day, then do so.

Why can’t I do the exercises 7 days a week ?

You must rest your penis for two days, This is essential for healing. YOU MUST ALLOW TIME TO HEAL. Many men spend a year or more trying to achieve enlargement, but never seem to grow. This is because the cells and tissues in your penis, after being stretched in exercise, must have enough adequate time to rejuvenate and build back up. This can only be accomplished through the rest time that you take off each week.

How long can I keep using these techniques?

You can use the program forever if you like. But practically speaking, your penis can only be increased SO much. You will see the most substantial growth within your first 6 months of the program (although some men may need a few months longer). However, after that time your penis may only grow a half inch a year, but there will be a slight size gain.


For this workout, we have included OUR recommended techniques for the exercises you have just read about. If you think you’d like to try one of the other techniques, go ahead and do so. But whichever techniques you decide to use, make sure you stick with them and give them a chance to work. If after a month you find that one of the exercises isn’t working for you (which is rare!), then try a different technique. Always refer to the instructions for ANY of the exercises whenever you need to.


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