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The concern with penis size is common amidst men. Such anxiety can occur in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. Boys often compare the size of their penis to the others. Jokes and jesting arise from such comparisons. However, the situation changes when sexual activity begins.

Many men, despite having a penis of normal size, find it small for a number of reasons:

  • The others' penises are bigger.
  • This situation is quite common and often lacks medical basis. The patients complain about the length of their organ even with normal erection and vaginal penetration.
  • Obese patients complain about having a short penis.
  • This situation stems from the embedment of the penis into the fat on the pubis, which makes the organ looks small.
  • Tall stature and non-proportional penis.
  • Although there's some correlation between the patient's stature and his penis size, a wide range of lengths is found. Short men may have bigger penises than tall men, and vice-versa.
  • Penis flaccidity and erection.
  • By and large, patients are most concerned with the size of their penis in flaccid state, when usually they compare their penis size with other men's. Many don't know the length of their erect penis or how many additional inches are added. What many men forget is that size must be accompanied by an effective erection that ensures vaginal penetration.

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What's a normal penis?

Disregarding the anatomical aspects of normality, a flaccid penis is as long as 5 cm (1.97 inches) to 10 cm (3.94 inches). The size in flaccid state doesn't determine the size during erection. The measure is taken from the point where the penis meets the body (not the skin) to the glans end. If we stretch it manually, the penis will gain from 2 cm (0.78 inches) to 5 cm (1.97 inches). Master and Johnson (1966) observed that an erect penis measures from 12.5 (4.92 inches) to 17.5 cm (6.89 inches). A newly born baby has an average length of 3.75 cm (1.47 inches).

What's an abnormal penis?

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There's no universally accepted definition. A flaccid penis shorter than 4 cm (1.57 inches) or an erect penis shorter than 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) must be considered small. Nevertheless, we find patients close to these values who present a good erection and no complaints in their sexual relationship.

What are the causes of small penis?

Hormonal causes stemming from testicle or hypophysis dysfunction may interfere with the development of the penis as well as the entire male genitalia. Amidst these cases we may find disorders ranging from micropenis to ambiguous genitalia. The penis may remain small as a consequence of traumas, burns or acquired diseases (Peyronie's disease). Usually, these causes are rare. Most frequently, the patient is not satisfied with his penis size, even if the physician finds no anomaly.

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Unfortunately, many unethical professionals take advantage of the patients' anxiety and doubts, indicating, without any criteria whatsoever, treatments whose main goal is to take the patient's money rather than providing scientific guidance. Patients with doubts about their penis size must look for a qualified professional that will evaluate the situation, possibly entailing some multi-disciplinary advice from a sexologist or psychologist.

Its size

4 Reasons Why A Short Penis Is Bad For You - & How To Make It Longer

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1. A short penis visually unexciting

Imagine you are dating the girl of your dream and this is the first night you are making out. You start fine with some nice foreplays and then it is time to reveal all. When you take it out, you can't help but notice the disappointment in her eyes. What an anti -climax! A small penis is not only visually unexciting, it can be a turn off too.

2. A short penis cannot reach her G spot

If you don't already know, a girl's most sensitive part (where she derive the most pleasure) is the G-spot. This is the sweet spot that is located deep under the roof of her love canal. Often stimulation of the G-spot can bring a woman to orgasm. A short penis can never do that in a million years. If you can't really please your partner, you can be sure others will do the job for you.

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3. A short penis can cause a lack of sensation for you and your partner

The nerves of pleasure are all over the penis surface. If you have a short and small penis, then this means that the number of nerves will be proportionately smaller as well. Thus you will not fully enjoy the sexual sensations that a longer penis can give you. This will also affect your partner's pleasure.

4. A short penis can lead to a loss of self esteem

Believe or not, most men want their penises to be huge. Everyone wants to be "well hung", like a horse. Why? Because a bigger member means more power, more ego, more everything. On the flip side, a small or short penis can lead to a loss of self esteem in a man as he may feel inadequate and not up to the mark.

The above are just 4 reasons why a small and short penis is no good for you - no can do!

But you don't have to live with a small manhood if you are not satisfied with the status quo. There are ways to right the wrong that nature has done to you.

Remedies to get rid of a small or short penis

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1. You can start doing penis enlarging exercises (or Jelqing)

This is an ancient practice that involves pulling and stretching the penis to encourage penis growth. Although not scientifically proven, if done correctly, Jelqing can help you get a bigger and longer penis. There is ample evidence found on public forums where thousands of guys share their success stories (and some failures as expected).

2. You can enlarge your penis size by using penis enlargement stretchers

This is a scientifically proven method endorsed by medical doctors. The penis stretching device works on the principle of traction used in orthopedic surgeries where limbs are repaired and lengthened. You simply wear the device over the length of your penis for a period of time and let it work. The stretching force will encourage penis tissue growth and therefore a permanently bigger penis.

So there you have it. There are ways to get rid of a small or short penis. Do something about that small penis and live the life you really want to live.

Small Penis Syndrome A Big Problem?

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Does size matter? It does to men, according to this month's BJU International, which contains a review of over sixty years worth of research into penile size and small penis syndrome. The researchers, Dr Kevan Wylie from Royal Hallamshire Hospital, UK, and Mr Ian Eardley from St James' Hospital, UK, found that men can experience real anxiety - even if they are of average size. And while men often have greater confidence if they have a large penis, women don't necessarily feel that bigger is better, citing looks and personality as more important than penis size.

Drawing together the results of 12 studies that measured the penises of more than 11,000 men, the researchers established that average erect penises ranged from 14-16cms (5.5 to 6.2 inches) in length and 12-13cm (4.7 to 5.1 inches) in girth. They noted that there was little evidence of racial differences influencing size, although one Korean study recorded smaller than average-sized penises. The researchers, however, questioned the accuracy of this study and suggested further investigation was required.

Dr Wylie says the review will provide doctors and other health professionals with an accurate summary of the many studies that have been carried out in the past into penile size and size-related syndrome. "It is very common for men to worry about the size of their penis and it is important that these concerns aren't dismissed as this can heighten concerns and anxieties," he explained. "It is helpful to normalize the situation and provide as much accurate information as possible, as many men either lack any information or have been misinformed."

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Key findings of the review included:

  • A survey taking in 50,000 heterosexual men and women found that while 85 percent of the women were satisfied with their partner's penile size, only 55 percent of the men were satisfied.
  • Factors that make a male attractive to a woman were numerous, but penile size was not the most important factor for women. Several studies indicated that around 90 percent of women prefer a wide penis to a long one.
  • Somewhat counter-intuitively, small penis syndrome is much more common in men with average-sized penises than those men suffering from micropenis.
  • Men afflicted by small penis syndrome typically cite childhood comparisons and erotic imagery as the main contributing factors to their anxiety.
  • Interestingly, on average, homosexual men had larger penises than heterosexual men. The researchers suggest that exposure to male reproductive hormones in the womb may be one explanation for this disparity.

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Techniques used by men to enhance the size of their penis were also covered in the review. The Topinama men of Brazil practice what is perhaps the most bizarre method, encouraging poisonous snakes to bite their penises to enlarge them.

The researchers said that evidence for the effectiveness of more popular (but mundane) enlargement methods - such as jelqing exercises and traction devices - was limited, but they noted that patients may experience psychological benefits from their use.

They authors are, however, very cautious when it comes to treating a psychological condition like small penis syndrome with gadgets or surgery. "There is poorly documented evidence to support the use of penile extenders, and while information is starting to emerge on the success of some surgical techniques, this is not backed up by data on patients' satisfaction with such procedures," stressed Dr Wylie.

In summary, the researchers said that small penis syndrome should be approached via a thorough urological, psychosexual, psychological and psychiatric assessment. "Conservative approaches to therapy, based on education and self-awareness, as well as short-term structured psychotherapies, are often successful," they concluded.


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